Relationship Rewind Review By Ryan Rivers

Have you ever noticed that common sense is neither common nor does it make sense? Ryan Rivers has presented a system that makes good common sense for people struggling with the potential of losing a loved one. The first thing I noticed was that all of it was in easy to read language and that it seemed like good ideas. After thinking about the stages and steps the whole thing made even more sense. After applying it, the program seemed almost like a magical couples manual.

happy coupleThe first step is the understanding of the stages all people go through as a couple. From the first stage of “Bliss”, when everything is so good it seems unreal, through the “Switch” phase when partners start to notice the flaws in one another and trying to change them, into the “Drift” phase when partners begin to seem to move away into differing activities and interests, all the way up to “Death’s Door” when it just looks like the time has come to give the keys back and move on. The trick is that while both people go through all the stages, they do it at their own pace. Recognizing where your partner is in the stages and how it matches up to where you are can make all the difference. Ryan’s program helps both partners see where each is and explains in simple words how to get the stages back in synch so both are able to return to the bliss stage.

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When everything seems so perfect to one partner and essentially over to the other it is the disconnect between the partners that is truly causing the breakup. by studying the problems that cause the disconnect and has created methods to revitalize things for both people. This breakthrough in understanding can help any couple who wants to be helped through the pitfalls of intimacy, even if they are already broken up. People live inside their own heads and it is natural for each partner to see his or her lover as an extension of his or her self, but with this training program both people to find creative, yet simple ways to engage the deepest emotions each other.

After conducting this review of the program I realized that this program works equally well for men or for women. The program doesn’t make either partner out to be lesser but instead raises the pair to a new union of understanding. It is the mutual understanding and respect that helps people to learn how they can get back the feelings which made the love real in the first place.

To be happy together a couple must actually be physically with one another. Separation is intuitively the wrong way to go even though many experts advocate being apart in order to get together. Again, this shows that in this program, separation is not the way to go. Instead this program helps the lovers to regain the passion that first attracted them to each other. Each must find the place where they can connect like they did when the feelings were new and in synch, and in finding the place where they can reconnect and bring back the feeling of bliss that they both had in the beginning. I found this other great resource with same opinion… so you can see I am not making this up.

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How Will This Help You?
With the 9-Part program, the couple will work together to find the understanding each needs to make things work. Without having the understanding of how the other is seeing things, it is impossible to take the right steps to reconnect, and in fact may run the risk of being so wrong they will scare away the very person they are trying to keep.

With understanding of your partner comes success. Knowing what is happening breeds confidence and nothing makes a person sexier than being confident in themselves (resource: confidence is sexy). Ryan has found a way to help the individuals confidence which leads to the couple actually having confidence in each other.

This product has all the right components to help a couple regain the fire and zest they once had. It does require that one partner wants to save things, because if both are ready to leave there is nothing to save. But when one partner is willing to put in the time and effort to save the partnership, this training shows the correct way to do it. The ease with which the concepts are presented, the careful organization of the thoughts, and the details of exactly what to do and say all come together to create an atmosphere of confident understanding that makes success inevitable. This has got to be the best prescription for healing two lovers that has ever been written.

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