Get Over A Breakup Using Relationship Rewind

If you break up with your girlfriend, it will hurt you, but you will bounce back into the dating field much quicker. However, if she breaks your heart, you’ll be left feeling devastated analyzing what went wrong and if you can win your ex-girlfriend back. These tips will help men recover from the pain of the break-up and move on to a new, successful relationship. If it really is just time to move on, here is how to get over a breakup.

She Needs To Get Over Her BreakupAllow yourself time to cry and vent. Most guys do not like to show their emotions so if you need to have a good, long cry in private. Blare music and sit in a darkened room and just let all of your emotions out. On the other hand, sometimes talking to a trusted friend or family member helps so confide in them about the confusion you are feeling.

After a week of processing, stop obsessing and over-analyzing the break-up, as your friends will soon grow tired of the pity party and the longer you feel sorry for yourself, the more it will hurt. Learn from your past mistakes, make some changes and apply them to your next relationship.

Destroy all the memorabilia of your relationship because hanging onto it will hinder your chances of fully letting go. This means throwing away all love letters and cute photos of the two of you that are displayed around the house. If she left anything important at your place like a favorite sweater or treasured CD, send them to her so she has them, and they do no not remind you of her.

Resist the urge to call your ex-girlfriend. You do not want to make a fool out of yourself professing your undying love for her and saying you’ll do what whatever she wants, only to be shot down again. To avoid this scenario, if you plan to get drunk, give your cell phone to your best friend so you do not drunk call her in the middle of the night.

Release your aggression in a healthy way. Take a kickboxing class at the gym, which will allow you to vent your frustrations in a good outlet and become even more buff. If you are feeling overwhelmed, beat a punching bag with boxing gloves and play a round of darts, pretending the target is your ex-girlfriend.

Pick up the pieces by socializing with family members and close friends, who you may have neglected during the relationship. Strengthening old relationships while forming new friendships will help you realize the importance of a balanced life and how these people truly support you.

Get motivated to make some positive changes in your life. Do it first for yourself, but if it impresses some woman, then you can reap the benefits. Start small like rethinking your wardrobe and buying more chic, business attire or losing 10 pounds by Christmas. Aim bigger, such as researching plans and funding to open up your real estate business.

Start slow before you jump back into the dating ring. Become friends with different girls that share common interests as you and avoid ones that will just take advantage of your extra vulnerable state.

As time passes, slowly fall in love again. Take all the time you need to truly connect and get to know your new partner and do not compare her to your ex. A new partner can bring a whole new batch of memories and a different kind of love.

Remember to keep realistic expectations as sometimes love does end. Enjoy the time you have with your new partner but do not make her the center of your universe or you will be left heartbroken and devastated if it doesn’t work and have to start the healing process again.
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